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    CW and Scrimmage Challenge rules for TM Clan Members:


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    CW and Scrimmage Challenge rules for TM Clan Members:

    Post by BadDaddy1 on Thu 07 Aug 2008, 11:16

    Ok guys, due to several problems that I have witnessed at other clans, I am posting some rules regarding our members making challenges to other clans, concerning clan wars & Scrimmages.

    1st. Only myself, Madkiller or Sniperjon can make an official challenge. You can talk to clans about the possibility of a challenge but, agree to nothing, just tell them that We will contact them for an official challenge and rules of the event.

    2nd. Only myself or Sniperjon can negociate the rules for a match [challenge or Scrimmage]. We are open for suggestion by pc only, don't throw out suggestions if we are negociating a match. Call us by private chat and give us your suggestion there, we might not be able to acknowledge you, but we will read them and use them if they apply.

    3rd. When talking to the other clans, it's ok to tease them a little, but be respectfull of where you are. Don't put them or thier clan down. If they are rude and cursing, it is a click away to make them dissappear, don't let them suck you into a cussing match. I want this clan to show the others class. Also remember that many of those that mock and attack may not be part of the clan that you are talking to. So don't assume the clan is a hostile untill you actually contact an owner.

    Finally. We need to get at least two good practices in before a match and everyone who is going to play must attend the final practice before a match, as we will be discussing strategy before and after the practice. If you can't make the final practice before a match, it's not fair to the others who will have to work twice as hard to cover areas that you don't know about cause you missed the practice. You can't participate if you missed the final practice. However, there will be one exception. If you make two practices and have skype, you may miss the final practice as we can fill you in with skype while the game is starting.

    These are the basic rules for CW's and Scrimmages. They are not difficult just common sense.
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    Re: CW and Scrimmage Challenge rules for TM Clan Members:

    Post by Lugerninja on Fri 08 Aug 2008, 01:05

    That all sounds good to me. I'm not too much of an insulter anyhow, and if people talk trash to me I ignore it for the most part. As far as the final practice thing goes, I'll do my best to be at all of them.

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