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    TM vs AOW CW Info:


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    TM vs AOW CW Info:

    Post by BadDaddy1 on Fri 29 Aug 2008, 21:35

    Ok. With Dude and d49 both unavailable and a few others not checked in. It looks like we will be short. We currently stand at six for the 8 vs 8.

    Now that leaves us with two options; One, I can go to AOW and pospone the CW, or, two, I can go to AOW and request a 6 vs 6.

    We need to meet in the chat box at 7:30pm Eastern tonight to go over this.

    But please, lets hear what you think here as well.

    And Aredd, if you see this let me know if these options are do-able

    Thank you



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