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    respawn areas


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    respawn areas

    Post by sniperjon on Fri 29 Aug 2008, 01:40

    one think i wanted to say about this respawn location project. The spawn spots for DM and TDM are different so if you want to try and gain an edge in cws then we need to practice TDM. Also the thing about spawn spots is I don't think that they are random it seems to me "most of the time" in a TDM the winning team rspawns far away from other team members like in the city if we all are holding by the glitch I spwan most of the time by the running truck or all the way by the clock. I noticed that in a TDM that each round favors certain spots. i play the port alot and when i figure out were the other teams spots are I target them if I see an enemy kill. Like from the small tower sometimes allies respawn in that tower with you ever othr kill. Sometimes not at all. I told d49 that this weekend I will add to the maps that are in the war room as many respawn spots as i can, but I think it's going to come down to finding the spots for a specific round.

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