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    the practices?


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    Post by sniperjon on Thu 14 Aug 2008, 13:25

    not everyone can make it every time.

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    Re: the practices?

    Post by BadDaddy1 on Thu 14 Aug 2008, 23:34


    Not everyone can show up for a practice. I value family and encourage the members to place family and social gatherings above this game.

    However, once you have commited to practice, I expect you to follow through and not bail untill the practice is over.

    Clan members not showing for practice is common amoung all the clans, in this clan the members know that they are encouraged to attend real world priorities and simply drop me a message to let me know they can't attend, as most did.

    If this is not to your liking, perhaps you should take my original advice and check out all the clans on that list that I provided you, before you joined TM.

    You are welcome to stay with this clan, but you need to understand that we are a clan with asperations of operating more as a family than a military group.

    I am not telling you to go, nor am I asking you to stay, I am simply saying that we are who we are, and you need to be where you are happy and content... If this is not the place, life is too short to argue, do what makes ya grin.

    Best wishes/regaurds



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