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    Laughing Turd

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    Post by Laughing Turd on Thu 21 Jan 2010, 06:44

    Hi guys. I'm Laughing Turd as most of you know me. My real name is Joel and sometimes I go by Floyd (its a long story). I just wanted to make a new thread introducing myself and thanking you guys for so generously and warmly accepting me to you clan. I know about TM and the reputation that you all have made for yourselves up to this point. I will do my best to uphold that reputation and moreover, improve upon it in anyway that I can. I am truly flattered that a clan of such reputation would accept me within its ranks as I see you all as players far above my own level. I hope I can learn enough from all of you and take my own skillset to a higher point.

    But alas, I have been told that war season is iminent and I am eager to join my new teammates into battle. I will do my absolute best and use my deepest knowledge and ability to assist this clan in winning every war and every challenge that we confront.

    Once more, thank you all.

    Respectfully Twisted Marauder: Laughing Turd.


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    Re: Introductions

    Post by Dudedudedude on Sun 24 Jan 2010, 05:55

    I'm dudedudedude and I'm an alcoholic.

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