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    I'm Tired.


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    I'm Tired.

    Post by BadDaddy1 on Sun 30 Nov 2008, 14:25

    "Tell Mad GG's even though he cheated" was PG's last words to me tonight...

    I'm done.

    Not once did I hear from anyone setting up this match, about what was or wasn't allowed, so when Mad asked me I told him to play it. That is a leadership issue. So I will hold myself responsible for it.

    PG I will release the login information to ya in the next few days, you guys don't need me here, I am done with it. Mad is done, Zatch is done and Big will let you know in the next few days.

    I said it many times, TM is a site to have fun, last night was not fun, and I don't enjoy anyone calling my son a cheater, especially from his own clan.

    I made the mistake... I let the match go when there were so many red flags. I negociated a good faith rematch, but it just made is worst. so I give up.

    Guys it was fun. and I have no hard feeling towards anyone, I have always said that If the TM was not a good place to hang out I would shut it down in a heartbeat.

    In this case, I blame myself and I don't think TM deserves to be shut down.

    over the next few days I will be erasing personal item from the site, then I wil turn over the ownership to you guys.

    I am sorry but my family comes first, and I will not have my son get a bad rep, even with an alt.

    Consider this my resignation.




    Re: I'm Tired.

    Post by Guest on Mon 01 Dec 2008, 05:18

    Noone views Mad as a cheater, on TM or FN, i just forgot to tell him the rules and it was my fault. But if this is the decison you think is best I wish you the best of luck wherever you go as does the whole clan. It's sad you have to leave like this but we respect your decison and accept it. We will not let TM die and me, luger, and d49 will keep it running. Well BD its been swell and TM will always remeber you. Cool

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